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Yacht charter Sukosan is not only one of the best sailing destinations in Croatia and the entire Adriatic, but also one with the longest history, since it has played the role of touristic resort since medieval times. Today, it's still one of the most attractive destinations for tourists who come to this part of the Adriatic, and sailors in particular love to come here and enjoy some unique yacht charter opportunities.

Something that aids the popularity of yacht charter Sukosan is the fact that it sits in between Zadar and Biograd on what is Croatia's touristic road along the Adriatic Coast. While not as big as other settlements, the small village of Sukosan boasts a long coastline with inviting pebble beaches, numerous intimate coves and of course, that Adriatic blue water that is so appealing to yachting enthusiasts.

Its position in the large bay of Luka Sukosan makes it perfect for a Croatian yacht charter holiday either with family and friends. It offers not only a base to start from but also the possibility of making various itineraries from the region along the neighboring coast.

Despite its small size, the town has a long history and it can still be seen today in a number of old buildings like the former summer palace built in the 15th century, once a reason of pride for the locals. Sadly, after years of wars and constant earthquakes, it has been reduced to rubble, today with just 3 walls standing. Other locations interesting to tourists are the old church of St. Kasijan and the ruins of an old fortress on Cape Bribircina. But the beauty of this town cannot be expressed through words alone, you'll need to make a trip here to see for yourself.

Even if it's medieval in appearance, the town does cater to modern tourist needs, especially when it comes to eating out. Both locals and visitors alike swear the local seafood recipes are the best in the world like the grilled squid, which the chefs in yacht charter Sukosan seemed to have mastered a long time ago and now have elevated to the rank of an art.

Additionally, there are also establishments that specialize in Italian cuisine, in case anyone in your crew craves pizza or you're just looking for a quick bite to eat. And after all that eating, you're bound to get thirsty. In that case, order a bottle of the local wines that are famous throughout yacht charter Croatia.

The focal point when it comes to nighttime entertainment or just having a nice time out is the main square. Here most of the visiting sailors hang out at the restaurant or go shopping or simply stroll around town. During the tourist season there are numerous events such as live music concerts or festivals that liven up the atmosphere.